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Roche Harbor Charters is a special branch of Outer Island Excursions specializing in servicing San Juan Island. Our primary location on the Island is Roche Harbor, but we can come to you wherever you may be staying in the San Juans. Guests at Roche Harbor Resort and Lonesome Cove resort can be picked up directly at the resort docks. Spend less time getting here and more time enjoying being here. For your convenience we can pick you up from almost anywhere in the San Juans. Below are our primary locations and where we recommend starting your excursion.

Roche Harbor Resort

248 Reuben Memorial Dr, Friday Harbor, WA 98250


As our name implies Roche Harbor is our primary location on San Juan Island. Roche Harbor is the closest location to our favorite fishing spots, island stops, and wildlife viewing areas. For folks staying on San Juan Island Roche Harbor is where we recommend meeting your captain.


Meet your captain at the Flag Pole. From the Lime Kiln Cafe head toward the waterfront dock and you will see a large conspicuous flag pole with several flags. It is right next to the fuel dock.

Lonesome Cove Resort

416 Lonesome Cove Rd, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Guests at Lonesome Cove Resort can be picked up directly at the resort dock! We are happy to provide this service for guests staying at the resort. Lonesome Cove is only a minute away from Roche Harbor as the eagle flies, so it is just as convenient to get to our favorite fishing spots, island stops, and wildlife viewing areas. We offer this service exclusively for Lonesome Cove resort guests so that you can spend less time driving and more time relaxing.


Meet your captain at the resort Dock. Look for your charter vessel on the dock where you will meet your captain!

Friday Harbor

Spring Street Dock, 4 Front St, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Centrally located in the heart of the San Juan Islands, Friday Harbor is the "big city" of the San Juans. We are happy to pick up passengers from the public dock to start your tour.


Meet your captain at the Spring Street Dock. From Spring Street head down Front Street toward the Port of Friday Harbor. Immediately on your right head down to the public dock. It is the first dock next to the Ferry landing docks.

Locations throughout the San Juans

With Outer Island Excursions

We have several locations throughout the islands. We can pick you up wherever you may be staying. Our vessels can even do beach landings- if you are staying at a private vacation rental with a dock or a beach we can come directly to you (this option is tide and weather dependent). We have several primary locations on Orcas Island, Lopez Island, and the mainland in Anacortes and Bellingham. Click Here to learn more or Call our office to discuss options to determine the best location for the activities that you would like to do on your charter at your most convenient starting point.

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