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The Blackfish Fleet

We are excited about our fleet of new, high-speed, and fuel efficient vessels. The Blackfish fleet is the fastest in the region, with two new boats for 2015- the Blackfish III and the Blackfish Express. Our vessels are custom designed for charters, with something for everyone. You can have the ultimate thrill ride on the Express; enjoy the comfortable cabin on the rugged Triton; have an intimate experience with your small party of 6 or less on the Loki, the Blackmouth, or the Sun Runner; or take a large group on the Blackfish II or III with their top decks and heated cabins.

The Blackfish IV

49ft Catamaran

Up to 48 passengers

Never satisfied we decided to make the biggest, fastest Blackfish vessel yet: introducing the Blackfish IV! Like the II and III, this high speed catamaran has TWO decks with a fantastic view from the roof. With a top speed exceeding 50 knots the newest custom built member of the Blackfish fleet can run circles around the average charter boats and is by far the fastest charter boat in the San Juans! You will find seating for everyone inside and out as well as a full restroom. Powered by the most fuel-efficient engines on the water in the San Juans, at an idle they are whisper-quiet to minimize impact on wildlife and environment.

The Blackfish II and Blackfish III

38ft Catamarans

Up to 30 passengers, recommended for 15 fishermen

We loved the design of the Blackfish II so much we built another! The Blackfish II and III are custom designed with an incredible blend of comfort and thrill. These vessels have TWO decks and a fantastic view from the roof. With a top speed of 42 knots (that is almost 50 mph) the Blackfish fleet is easily twice as fast as the average charter boats and the fastest charter boats in the San Juans! You will find seating for everyone inside and out as well as a full restroom. Powered by the most fuel-efficient engines on the water in the San Juans, at an idle they are whisper-quiet to minimize impact on wildlife and environment.

The Blackfish Express

38ft Catamaran

Up to 30 passengers, not available for fishing

The Blackfish Express is the ultimate thrill ride as the fastest passenger boat in the San Juan Islands! Feel the rush of the fresh Pacific Northwest air on our only totally open deck boat. But don’t worry: we are happy to provide coats just in case. Complete with a wide wind break, full restroom, and plenty of cushioned seating. You would never guess it has top speeds over 50 mph because it has such a smooth, comfortable ride- until you watch as we fly by all the other boats! With the same twin outboard engines as the Blackfish II and the Blackfish III but half the weight, the Blackfish Expressis very fuel-efficient yet whisper-quiet when we slow down to an idle to watch wildlife. For the truly adventurous, the Blackfish Express is the ideal boat for getting where you want to go fast! This is the perfect vessel to make your private charter into the adventure of a lifetime.

The Triton

32ft Aluminum Chamber Boat

Up to 12 passengers, recommended for 8 fishermen

The Triton is the toughest, safest, and one of the fastest of its kind. This boat was designed primarily for military applications and was built locally in Bellingham, WA. With seats for up to 13 people, heated cabin and full restroom making this an ideal boat for any experience. Top speed is 50 MPH with a 35 MPH cruising speed. The Triton has an open back deck, front deck, and a large comfortable cabin with large windows making viewing the landscape easy no matter where you are on the boat! Our most popular vessel for private charters, early reservations are strongly recommended for July and August.

The Loki and The Blackmouth

26ft Catamarans

Up to 6 passengers each, Salmon Certified vessels

These vessels are ideal for a small group private charter. A great choice for family outings with an enclosed area and bathroom, they are great for fishing as well as island hopping. The catamaran hull provides a stable fishing platform and great viewing area. Both vessels have full electronics and can cruise at 30 mph with a top speed of 45 mph. Our most popular vessels for fishing, these boats are both certified for salmon fishing so you can charter both boats to bring up to 12 people and fish together! Early reservations are strongly recommended for July and August.

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